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Manufacturer Vs Tc


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Who holds final say on authorized maintenance, Transport Canada or Airbus?


Maintenance Manual contains maintenance instructions, that, Transport Canada considers Specialized Maintenance. Is an AMO that only has non-specialized maintenance authorization legally aloud to carry out said maintenance?


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Specialized Maintenance

571.04 No person shall perform the specialized maintenance set out in Schedule II to this Subpart on an aeronautical product other than an aircraft operated under a special certificate of airworthiness in the owner-maintenance or amateur-built classification, except in accordance with
(amended 2002/03/01;
previous version)

(a) a maintenance policy manual (MPM) established by the holder of an approved maintenance organization (AMO) certificate issued pursuant to Section 573.02 with a rating of a category appropriate to the work to be performed; ​



From CAR 573

Entitlement to and Scope of Certificate

573.02 (1) The Minister shall issue to a maintenance organization that demonstrates that it meets the requirements of this Subpart an approved maintenance organization (AMO) certificate authorizing the maintenance of specified aeronautical products or the provision of specified maintenance services.

(2) The AMO certificate shall specify, in accordance with the criteria specified in section 573.02 of Standard 573 - Approved Maintenance Organizations, any category in which ratings have been issued and shall list the aeronautical products that the AMO is authorized to maintain or the maintenance services that the AMO is authorized to perform.
(amended 2005/05/31; previous version

(3) The scope of the work that may be performed under each rating specified on the AMO certificate is determined by limitations that are set out in the certificate.



From CAR Std 573.02


(3) A rating in the aircraft category will specify one or more types or groups of aircraft that are eligible to be maintained. Each type or group will be further subject to one of these limitations:

(a) Non-specialized

Any maintenance on the aircraft of the types specified, or any of their component parts, provided the maintenance is not specialized maintenance under the provisions of Schedule II of Subpart 571 of the CARs.


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Hey Swede,


The answer is in the CARs, lots of reading especially with having to go between the Justice Canada site for the regulation and Transport Canada for the standard.


In my initial response to your question I was trying to condense the answer a bit more but hit the wrong button; regardless, the AMO Certificate and Ratings dictate what the AMO can do. You also have to be aware that if the manufacturer deems work to be "specialized" by their own definition (Airbus like to do this) in their description of "who can do the work" that this would likely fall under the same requirements.


Hope that helped!

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