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Canadian Helicopters

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Lord, oops, I mean Rev Chas, when I find out where the loot is, you''ll be the first to know.  As for all this info or source of, hummmm, good one, I don''t know exactly how, guess I''ve hung around the right people for a long time, interest and never learning enough! 



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Actually, the correct chain of authority is more like this;


VP of OPS > WESTERN CANADA (Manitoba > BC)

BOB HEIGHINGTON (Western Arctic)









HENRY BLAKE Eastern Arctic


Hope that clarifies things a little better or perhaps I just made it more complicated!

That''s nothing, you should see the rest of the names with titles....

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I get and appreciate the whole Information Minister thing. Keep it up.

Question though; would the initials MSS be in reference or in tribute to the MIA American pilot shot down over Iraq 10 yrs ago? I saw on the news the U.S. military discovered a prison cell in Baghdad two days ago with his initials M.S.S. scratched in the paint on the wall. This gave them hope that their long-missing pilot by the same initials may still be alive in Iraqi captivity. Any connection?



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OK I know I'm not allowed in here anymore so I will make this fast. That Kyle DOG is on my tail.


100 Ft, how can someone with so many feet be such a stupid dog? Does your wife know how stupid you are? MSS is my name, Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf. I do not know this other MSS fellow.


bbbbbbiggles, you have wasted time with this stupid face. You do not deserve capitals. You deserve to roast. And roast you shall now that I am in command.


Who are these Oilers? You people have no oil, I have it all. Only I can be an Oiler. You should call this stupid team The Dogs because that is what they are. Dogs. Like you. And I have broken their hockey sticks and roasted them. Now they are stickless dogs, like this 407 Driving dog.

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