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I'm a CPL(H) but only flying recreationally on an occasional basis. Can anyone recommend a good place to get competitive life insurance that covers flying? My current (non flying) work life insurance does not cover being either PIC or under instruction unfortunately.


Thanks in advance for any leads


Scotty J

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I finally went and sat down with an advisor after hearing about the professional pilot's insurance plan out of Alberta .http://www.ppip.ca

What I learned is that many places will insure you with an additional rider. So while it may not be as affordable as a non-pilot, it's potentially more affordable than ppic. But you won't know without submitting an application.

I don't know if that helps or not. 

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4 hours ago, Racka13 said:

I started using PPIP about a year or so ago and I recommend the change.  They saved me over $150/month for my life insurance and all you need is a valid aviation medical.  They do have a cap for coverage but allot comes with the plan.  Worth getting a quote.

Approximately what is you current monthly premium, if I may ask?

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