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Who Pays The Best?

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Hey ECU.......I know a bloke that knows a bloke that said Mustang arent too bad on the siesmic, airborne pay ok if you dont miind flying a machine thats had sudden stopidge with out the proper inspetion.........Great slave are good if you like to be surrounded by Kiwis (hey Bro) Canadian pay well but no flying.


But i am sure with your experiance you should have no probs getting work here in Canada



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Old Bull


....Your english really sucks man!


As for who pays the best...Everyone has their own ups and downs. Sometimes lifestyle is more important that the almighty dollar! There are alot of well established operators out there. Find a company that operates the machines you like and the type of work you are into or want to try. Most of all, have a great season!!!!!

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Old Bull. Thanks for the info.SHOW ME THE MONEY!! I'm only interested in flying the summer, making max money and taking it back to the greatest place on Earth, The land of Oz, for the fire season. Is that BAD????


Hey I love the local chicks. They love us!!!! How you been fairing on that front?

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well being a local i dont have the accent you guys have!!


I dont know what it is about aussies but the canadian women love them!!!


Whats the job front like in OZ for a Canadian guy....is there lots of work and whats involved in conveersion??


And do your fine lady's like us canadians??

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ECU Manual,


I would recommend flying the vast unbroken terrain of the NWT. There are alot of available women there; and they like white fresh meat, lots of money to be made up there somewhere, and big big fires, sometimes so big they don't even fight them.....Good luck with your Cdn ventures, tell us all about it this fall. :up:

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