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2month- Training


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After another long conversation with a local pilot and doing some math. we came to the conclusion that if one were to train for his/her helicopter pilot liscence for 8 hours a day 5 days a week it would be possible to do this in one month and add a mountian endorsement in 2-3 weeks.


The sole reason for doing this is to considerably reduce the cost of living and would probably give him/her a better grasp on flying.


So the question stands: Is doing a CCPL(H) realistic for under to months if adding a mountain endorsement?




Cole B)

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Totally unrealistic.


Personally, I don't think you should do more than one flight per day. Your training flights, with the exception of the x-countries, shouldn't be more than 1.5 hours.


The reason for this is that before every flight, you should spend at least 30 minutes in a classroom for a pre-flight briefing, and at least another 30 minutes in aclassroom for a de-briefing. Any school that doesn't systematically do those pre and post flight briefings is ripping you off. They're basically charging you charter rate for your flight time, and you're not getting the ground instruction you should be.


When I was going through flight school, on some days things would go great and I'd never want to come down. On other days though, I was so drenched in sweat after 0.9 that I was almost begging my instructor to go in. The only exception to this was the last week, while preparing for my checkride. I flew at least twice a day, if not three, every day for 5 days before the ride. It paid off too as I aced the checkride (nothing below 4, mostly 5's).


There's a limit to how much your brain can absorb in one day. Flying too intensively will diminish how much of what you learn you actually retain. Having down time between flights is important as it allows you to reflect on what you went through the last time and prepare yourself mentally for the next session.


If you fly 8's in flight school, you'll waste a lot of time flying around in circles as your instructor gives you theory in the cockpit instead of on the ground.


It took me 8 months from first flight to license issue (April 17 to December 17 2003). I was working full time throughout (being self-employed does have it's perks :D ). I would get to the school at 7 am Monday to Friday for ground school (2 hours) then fly during the 9:30 to 11:00 slot. By noon I was back at work...


That's my 2¢...

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I totally agree, 2 month of flying 8 hours a day a bad idea. This isn't something you want to rush even a little bit. I did my training in a 4 month course and even that was pushing it. And I can relate to Skidz memories of having awesome days, and days where I didn't even want to look at a helicopter let alone fly one.


Don't forget too that while learning how to fly, you're also spending every waking minute studying for the final exam. It's nothing to fear, but not a cake-walk if you didn't spend quality time in the books.


Maybe look into a shared room with a class mate, or even rent a room in a hostle. If you must, put the training off a year and save a bit more cash for a place to stay.

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Fair enough, I will elaborate just a little more.....


This estimation included ground school, and Brief/debrief at mabey 2 flights a day endimg my estimation at about 220 hours and when I am there, doing nothing but eat sleep and breathe helicopters.


Keep in mind I wont have to spend much time on Met, radio and other things that I have, and still am learning in the fw private level. My groundschool surpassed the TC requirements by about 15 hours and everyone that has taken the test from that class (not without home study of course) has done very well on the exam. So all that will be left is new material not included in FW and applying what I do know to helicopters. I did by no means intend to fly 8 hours a day but be involved in some way with my flight school 8 hours a day, Ground school, briefings and actual flight probably ending up being the minority.


The training program offered at said course is already under 3 months BUT! you must share the instructor with one or two more people and If he/she/they is/are occcupying the instructor for 5-6 hours a day then It would slow me down considderably.


Mabey a little on the new school, I have changed my mind and now plan to migrate over to creston as Kootenay Valley Helicopters has come very highly reccommended by quite a few pilots from here in Penticton. as you may read his course is supposed to last up to 3 months.


My two cents... actually $40grand, Cole B)

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Ya 2 months would be good but you should also allow time for the unforseeables, I did my training right in the middle of 9-11 so that shuts things down right now. Not to mention any illness that creeps in, a simple cold can shut ya down for a week also. As for living arrangements I had a 30 foot travel trailer for mine and found the rent cheaper for that, being completely self sefficient and contained made this a great alternative. Ya never know the school might even let you park there and just pay for power. But ya the other two replies are very accurate.

On the way-out side we had a foreign student at the school I attended live in his toyota van, Not the best scenario, however I do beleive he got a free ticket back home shortly after 9-11 still dont know why. Hope this helps and yes this is a very important factor for selecting a school as the cost/ stress from living arrangements can have a direct affect on your training. Best of luck.

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Hmmm this could work, I have a 26' motorhome with a nice shiney 454chev twin overheads dual glass back exhaust.... you should see the look on people's faces when towing a boat you pass them on the highway (the boats also have 454's in them :up: ) Yes I did factor in the dreded illness things like this that could hold me back. and it is creston so rent shouldnt be to much.




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Sorry Cole, you simply can't expect to get your CPLH in 2 months. It's crazy. There is a good reason you don't see a 2 month 100-hour course offered anywhere in the world.

If you've already talked to your chosen flight school and they side with you that you can do it....run. Run far, far away Cole.

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Have not talked with flight school again just an idea that I thought I would put through the knowledgable crew from this site.



On a lighter note: I flew into some hot water (or airspace) today we were in the circuit in Penticton and then my instructor says "ok lets take'er down south for some circuits :shock: CAU3 for those with a cfs man was that a bad Idea! radio went something like this


-OLIVER traffic c172 GXTN is abeam vaseux lake 4900' inbound for circuits, any conflict please advise

--XTN Helicopter XHC here be advised there are about a dozen big heavy guys down here for the fire

(chatter amongst the heli's)


-OLIVER traffic XTN downwind for t&g any conflict

(more chatter)

-OLIVER traffic XTN on final rwy 36 t&g


then we though it might be a good idea to head back :P


after I got outta the seat I went and talked to the owner of ECLIPSE who pointed out just how illigal the little flight was :unsure::blink::wacko:


Cole B)

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...after I got outta the seat I went and talked to the owner of ECLIPSE who pointed out just how illigal the little flight was...

Why? did you bust this? :o









TIL 0508161900


You DO check NOTAMS before every flight don't you? ;)

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