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Where Are All The Mediums Sitting In B.c.

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We's got ourselves a real life Heero here,  He knows what an EFIS is AND can longline! Well done Reddog ! :up:  we all look up to you, Oh Sky God :D


I happen to know red dog and I can vouch for the fact that he is no mere mortal. He is a fully articulated VFR/IFR does it all and does it good helicopter pilot. In other words a real pilot.


Its no big deal around here in the collective 407. We're all like that.


And when you become ONE WITH THE BORG you will be too.


Resistance is futile.

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Global News says that there were 5 aircraft on that 25 Ha West Kelowna fire today.

I saw Eric's purple and yellow Eclipse BA, and a Wildcat 212 on the news. There must have been a few Alpine 212's working as well, as I heard there were 4 back at the barn 2 days ago. The fire looks like it was about 3-4 miles from the hangar?

Firehawk, are you in town, or still on-the-road? If you're there, be sure to protect my Real Estate investments out on Coventry :D

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