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I got a Garmin 76SC at the beginning of summer. It's not really for avaition but it does all the stuff you'd need, but without the aviation $$. A bonus is it's got a fishing guide for peek bite times... cool!


Most of the screens have options for which info to display and it's very user friendly. You can purchase the topo maps from Garmin and they're very good too. I also purchased the RAM mounting system and that stuff is awesome.



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Guest Bullet Remington

Geez, I didn't even know they existed! Thanks folks!


In that my old Garmin 55 is a lot out dated, I guess its time to invest in one of those new fancy SOBs with all the techno gizmos that'll take me five weeks to figure out!!


Anybody have a W.A.G. figure for one of those 296s??

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