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214 question

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Anyone have a Flight manual handy? I wonder what a ''14 will pick at 4,300'', short lift-minimum fuel, say +10C ?


How about a S61L or shortski? any info on that one RotorHead or CTD?


I''ve got a customer who needs 3 picks done this summer.

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The 214 OGE numbers for 4300'' @+10 would be about 14,300 MGW. They weigh approx 7000 lbs empty, if I remember correctly, throw in a pilot and 600 lbs of gas and you''d be in the 6500 lbs range.


The 61L for the same conditions with ice shield removed would be approx 19240 lbs MGW. I can''t remember what the L weighs empty, but our Ns were in the 12,300 range. I expect the L would be at least 1000 lbs lighter. At 11,000 lbs, with 2 pilots and 800 lbs fuel you''d be running around 7200 on the hook. These are very rough estimates.


I have no idea about the Short.

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Tumper........  should you not be out making piles of money for the company rather then sitting here chatting, I bet your getting ready to order lunch arn''t ya............try the PJ''s Chopped Steak Sandwich with fries extra cheese and gravy, oh and do not forget the diet Pepsi.  [;]


CTD.......shouldn''t you be working on the next issue 



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Thanks for all the good info.

The customer decided to go with a ground means of moving the 3 loads, weighing in at 7,500 to 9,000 lbs each. The concept of ferrying in a Kamov-32 or S-64 up was not appealing, Vs hiring a hydro crew to move many overhead lines, and a Cat to widen the existing road systems.

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