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Life Insurance


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I just looked into insurance,and this is the best I was quoted.


I have read all the forums (3) on this topic that I could find,and was wondering if these were good rates ,or if there are better rates to be found



Based on 250,000 $$ in coverage 33yrs non smoker


10 year term---92.86/month


20 year term---100.99/month


Universal Life---157.46/month


Do these rate seem O.K... If not can anyone recommend someone better.


Thanks for your input

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What the policy called, that sounds like a good rate for the work you do. I only have a 110,000 life now and the rate sucks.abot the same.


What I do have that I think is worthhwile is critcal illness 200K, and 150K of diability over and above what WCB will shell out. WHo knows if being soaked with Jet A for a decade or so is going to have along tem effect. Or spinal problems. I got it through my broker for 1200 per year+-.



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It is a Family life, Term-20 policy. Through Manulife Financial.


I also got this through a broker who looked through several policys and this was about the best. Firefighting and Heli-skiing as a job really makes the payments higher. I think logging is higher still. If you fly for helijet or CHC I'm sure the premiums would be lower. Hope this helps,


Happy bucketing!

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With my policy it made a difference if it wasn't airport to airport it would have been dirt cheap if it was, but because its mostly in the bush or remote they rate you differently. I pay 130 a month through Clarica for term life ins and that has me insured for 600,000 with critical and disability of 300,000. Always read the fine print with the insurance, there are lots of loop holes in some policy's.

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rainman,,, thanks for the responce..


On page 42 there is another discussion on insurance and someone ( can't remember the name though ) mention Bob McNary in Calgary.


So I called him up, and through Canada Life he quoted me for a 33 yr old,non-smoker for 300,000$$ UL was 87.00$$


A lot better than the 157.00 $ I was quoted through Manulife for ony 250,000


Did the medical this morning and should find out soon what the final outcome will be.


I'll post any new info I get


Thank 49 Merc

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