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Astar Emergency AD

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Lets pretend for a moment;


every Astar pilot in Canada PPC ran out June 1st

the fires start a blazing

the mining industry takes off over another big find

seismic work is none stop in

the Delta


> Who''s going to fly the A/C ?


The way I see it, if you can''t perform an Emergency that is listed in the Flight Manual during training, then you don''t qualify for PPC requirements.

The company I work for just trained 2 young guys on the Astar and 2 days after thinking they had 350 endorsements, TC called to say NO WAY > you didn''t complete all the training requirements!


Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences?



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When you''re busy pretending about all the Astars and pilots suddenly becoming unavailable ....don''t forget that the Canadian Heli industry is flush with excess aircraft these days, Perhaps those needy Fire Fighters, Miners, and Seismic folks will have to switch to 500''s, 206''s, Mediums, etc, etc. It may surprise you, but in those long ago pre-Astar years, these old aircraft did handle all the business of Canada!

I get your initial point...but until EC has a fix for the HYD system in 350''s, these problems will continue.

TC doesn''t think along your lines on how important the fleet is to Industry, etc, if they perceive a problem, they issue and AD.

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Checked the website 407d, AD is listed and yes it is 2003-15, but no link to the AD - i have the AD and agree with ur comments and also agree that type endorsements nor ppc''s can be carried out with the AD as it stands.


i guess that from the lack of replies, no one has heard what if anything EC will be doing about it


#### - any input/insight on what EC may be doing to address this??



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Move over Palladina...#### for Pres !...Oh right, My old buddy Palladina has moved over.....waaay over


Well said Maggie, Of course they will get on it, this is just a bit of a black eye, and I''m sure that they will fix it soon.


"Poised"??? Are you guys really "poised" to be the leaders? Cool, and good luck

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Mag, I thought someone of your vintage would at least be familiar with the cold-cycle, tip-driven Djinn, certified and manufactured by Sud-Ouest Aviation, one of the predecessors of Aerospatiale and, accepting at face value your premise about taking on the liability of your predecessor(s), assumed you''d be good for Djinn support. I take it this is a non-starter, then?

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