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Aircraft Leasing In Canada?

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:huh: Leasing is far from rare here in Canada.....the fact of the matter is, the U.S. has a sustantially larger volume of operators and aircraft....period. Oh, and by the way....how is it lease machines are treated any different? The inference seems to be that said aircraft are being abused and or neglected....care to elaborate Fenestron? :huh:
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there are several for sure, but yeah you are right, there isn't as many as down south.

the way I've seen leased machines treated I would be very cautious.


LOL! Drive it like a rental car! But really, I've been searching for a company to deal with and can't seem to find one. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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Eagle is fine but before you make a final decision, I would suggest you talk to Kim at Rilpa Enterprises in Calgary. We've been working with them for over 7 years now and the service we get is personalized and excellent.

There is also a company in Villeneuve called Avialta that also leases. There are many more but these are the only ones I know of that I would recomend.

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