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Why I left CH#

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Ah what the heck......lets go for it. Rumours inuendo scanal and whatever. If you haven''t got anything nice to say...sit next to me. No names though.

I was working for International on the 6/6 rotation in the fall of 96 when I was informed

that as I had accumulated over 300 negative days off I would be expected to do double tours for awhile. They carried this days off owed number through a six month layoff believe or not. Also I was informed that the tours were now going to be 6/4. So I quit and then asked the ops manager of the day how many days off I owed him now. He didn''t appreciate my sense of humour I think. Having said all that for the most part they were OK. Gave me an IFR rating and sent me all over the world for some great adventures. But I just didn,t want to do double tours for the rest of my life.

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i was hired on 6/6 rotation as well. 1st tour was 9 weeks, then 8 then 7 ect ect until the last which was 10 weeks!! oh sure, they said i could say no BUT they had no one to replace me blah blah blah......


so i just moved on. no hard feelings........

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I had my response written, but my Lawyer requested it not me posted 9.gif

Basically, it came down to...........


-No support for BC or BC bases.****

-Manditory Uniforms, those Canadian Tire polyester specials.

-That incredibly stupid but manditory "U of A" business course that BM's were threatened with.

-Old tired high-time equipment.

-Terrible treatment of crew.




**** BC Bases closed and who has the work and/or ex-employees now..


Campbell River - Long Beach and WestCoast

Pt MacNeill - WestCoast

Vancouver -Talon and Vancouver

Cranbrook - Bighorn

Fernie - Bighorn

Nelson -Kokanee

Revelstoke - Kokanee

Williams Lk -Arduini

Chetwynd -

Prince George - VIH

Sandspit - VIH

Dawson Creek -

Invermere - Bighorn

Salmon Arm - Kokanee


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