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Sore Sinuses


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H. you're welcome.


I use them every night for sleeping, but they will benifit you during the day for the altitude changes during the day, you may use them for both BUT you most change the overnight strip for the day time strip.

use rubbing alcohal to clean the nose (tissue or TP) during each change.


hope this helps everyone out there, a 30 day supply (15 day if you use 2 a day) should be about $20 CDN at the most.

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...your sinuses depressurizing...snaps, cracks and pops behind your face.

Snap, crackle AND pop, Sharky? :blink: You sure someone didn't pop ya in the shnoz a good one and you just don't remember? :D:P:D


By the way it's



NFL players helped put the product on the map



They need to make 'em clear and totally nekkid invisible, IMHO. :rolleyes:

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