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Sore Sinuses


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Although this wasn't an issue for me some years ago, I have noticed that after the third trip across the rockies, damm my sinuses where rough, and painfull. IS this due to age, because in the past years it hasn't been so bad. Booting around at 3500 doesn't seem to be a problem, but 9000 up and down. Ouch after about 3 hours in the seat. Im not whinning about it just wondering if I am the only guy over 40 that experiences sore sinuses.



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Seasonal allergies could be the culprit. You might think you’re only susceptible to spring pollens, but hay fever can strike any time of the year and the older we get, the more susceptible we can become. <_<


I never had seasonal allergies or asthma as a kid, but was diagnosed with both not too long ago. Experienced horrible ear/sinus (it’s all interconnected, you know ;)) pain when flying from high altitude to sea level and vice-versa, and always when flying over the Rockies.


Relief can come from use of a humidifier and decongestant and/or saline nasal spray only when needed. Fly with bottled water with a pull top (not just a screw-off cap); it helps counteract the vacuum goin’ on in the cabin and in your head during altitude changes. Caffeine, soft drinks and alcohol are drying and can add to sinus pain. Works for me, anyhoo. :)


Course, only doc can rule out sinus infection and all other assorted niceties related to ear/nose/throat. Eeewww, eeewww, eeewww. :P


This is kind of curious, too. Or not. :D



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That has to be the most unusual feeling I've experienced; your sinuses depressurizing...snaps, cracks and pops behind your face.


And then the relief of plugging your nose and repressurising. It almost feels like your face is re-inflating.

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