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So... for those of us flying rotorcraft lighter than 4960lbs. Apparently we are exempt so have at it!!



For incidents not accidents.


Only equal to and below 4960lbs and that only includes the lights and some intermediates.


Bell 407 = 5000 lbs internal


AS 350B2/B3 = 4960 lbs internal (it looks like the a-star drivers are exempt unless they have a longline on)



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All aircraft must report serious accidents........no-one gets off the hook.

These serious accidents are listed at the top of TTF's pasting.


There are two sets of damage definitions of what is reportable, depending on whether the aircraft is under or over 4960 lbs.


The definitions are broader for aircraft over 4960 lbs and are listed above, following the definitions that apply to ALL aircraft.





p.s. Fenestron...if "the aircraft sustains damage or failure that adversely affects the structural strength, performance or flight characteristics of the aircraft and that requires major repair or replacement of any affected component part",

then it is a "reportable accident", (regardless of gross weight).

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Fenestron - I would say that is clearly a reportable accident.


Elvis - regardless of insurance the PIC must ensure the accident/incident is reported. It is the PIC who holds the aviation document CPL(H) or ATPL(H). All the ppl listed ...the owner, operator, pilot-in-command, any crew member of the aircraft... have responsibility to ensure it is reported.


They don't all have to report it and most companies have something in their Ops Manual about management CP/Ops Manager taking care of it but it's your licence on the line if you fail to ensure that the TSB is informed.



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