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All Right, 'fess Up!

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i'm sure RP will post the link to this soon, but i just read on yahoo news that while reporters and media were viewing some of the damage in kelowna from the fire, they had a flare-up which was attacked by ground equip and a helicopter... but... they "accidently" bucketed the media types!!! :shock:


now, does anyone know who struck the blow in payback for all the bad reporting over the last few years?? will this cause a retaliation by the media?? will they ever dry off?? inquiring minds do want to know!!!! :D


i'm sure it WAS accidental, but who isn't chuckling to themselves right now!!!!



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Had a good chuckle on this one.


As reporters toured the area, crews tried to control a nearby flareup with the aid of heavy equipment and a helicopter, which at one point accidentally dropped its water load on those standing below.




On CTV they are reporting that they dropped the load on the media bus and a bunch of fire fighters that were close to the bus.

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I am sure that the reporters were not "targeted" sounds like friendly fire or electrical malfunction to me.

That would be my story and I would stick to it.


A story is told, perhaps true, perhaps not.

A number of years ago a Beaver Pilot got hired by the OMNR and checked out on the Beaver with tanks.

The company he worked for previously was right across the bay and while out practicing he decided to wet down the parking lot at his previouse base ( just for dust supression you understand ).

Anyhoo his previous fellow employees wisely are watching him like a hawk and seeing his approach decide to retreat to the porch of the office.

At this juncture a car pulls into the parking lot and 2 guys get out saying: " We're from the MOT and we're here to hel.."(SPLAAAASH - ROAR). :up:

Someone rapidly got on the unicom and recommended a quick practice Xcountry for a little while - It is hard to sculk away in a Beaver !

Gord L from Nor--da was, I believe, the hero/culprit.

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Well you beat me on that one... I never go to Yahoo so I didn't read the message.


I read 3 or 4 newspapers in the morning and that where I get the "news". I use "google" all the time and a combo of 5 search engines when I need to refine a search.


But I got your link this time... easier ;)

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Guest graunch1

Along with the Beaver story was an similar drop in YYC back in the 70s when Field modified a bunch of Trackers for the Sask Govt. The demo drop was performed by one of the Sask pilots and he "accidently" nailed all the grown-ups from Field and the Sask Govt. I guess there was soaked people running in all directions when he came back for the 2nd pass. B)


I got chased around the edge of Chestermere Lake by one of the owners of CanWest with their Gazelle until I realized that flight was futile - :P

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