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When you guys get together tip a glass to Sandy For me!!



You got it Rob, I know many a glass will be raised for Sandy!!!!!!! :blur: :up:



hahaha you dudes are all really NMH throwbacks and i have not seen one real Peace Helicopter employee here at all!

HeliDoktor :angry:

For your first post, you sure know how to "win friends and influence people"!!! :down: :down: :down:

Feel free to elaborate if you have any intelligent thoughts. :angry:

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One of the Best Companies I ever worked for when it was the "Old Peace Helicopters"

Talked with one of the wrenches last week in GP and there will be toasting to four people.

Sandy, Raelene, James and John. Some of the later people through the doors may not know all of those names, but they will be remembered.

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Gotta add this one!!

Working in the Gap on seismic with the Lama, came back to camp at the end of the day and the wrench asked if I had remembered the Power Check. Dohhhhh!!

No problem he says, I'll take it up and do one. (Also a licensed pilot)

Comes back 20 minutes later and I ask him how the numbers are. He says Dohhhh,,,,,,, I forgot to do one.

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There is a lot of guy's running our industry who came from the old Peace days, I have had many an old peace hand show me how to do my job. Must have been one **** of a place to work, characters all over the place.


Doug parish realy tought me how to do my job, wouldn't be where I am today with out his tutelidge. Can't say enough about his skills, as a drive and I've never seen a guy better with a customer. When I started with Highland, Doug was base manager in FSJ, just before they got there B2's he convinced a customer to use a 204 1/2 to sling bags, I can't imagine what a full rack would look like comin at ya through the trees. So, I spent a lot of time with Dave Wood building 24 point carousels. Dave and Doug worked my *** off, but I'm knew what my job was when I go my chance. I remember getting chewed out from Doug, I went home for lunch, the wife was board, and I was late getting back from lunch, but the best part was I had worked 19 hours the day before, all day dispatchin and cleaning something and all night working for Dave. If you know Dave, it was done right even if it took all night. So those two got me started, thanks.


My first sysmic long lining was beside Sandy, no presure just do it like Him. HUH!! Easier said than done!! The guy was full of tips, firs of all Tape your sleeve!, and a great guy to work with. CHEERS man, this one's for you!


Rob Sousey was the base enginere in Ft Mack my first year of full time flying, you could eat your lunch from the engine pan. Great wrench.



So to all you old peace guys CHEARS from a greatfull youngster!!!












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