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As350 Fx2.......helilynx Conversion

Guest Angry Egg Driver

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Guest Angry Egg Driver

I just spent a few days flying a new FX2.Very nice machine with some much needed improvements.I was just wondering how those who have flown it are liking it and how much of a difference they find between the B2 and the FX2........

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We are doing the Soloy kit into one of our B2s right now. Is there much of a difference between the FX2 and the Super D? I know our kit is going to use the -700 engine and from what I heard from the brass upstairs it wasn't too hard to aquire(spelling) and the whole kit cost less than a 1B overhaul :shock:


I think the biggest difference between the Super D2 (the Soloy -700 engine kit makes it a "Super D2", the "Super D" is the -600A-3A, IIRC) and FX2 is the addition of the B3 tail rotor and tailboom strake to the FX2, as well as some electrical differences.

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We are finishing our first FX 1 conversion and the "electrical differences" are huge and well worth the price. You basically gut the whole airframe of all electrical wires and componants, and install the Heli-lynx pre-made elecrtical harness instead. No more crappy switches, relays or master electrical *****!

The LTS 101 is either a 2400 hrs overhaul or 1800 hrs inspection "on condition" engine, your choice.

We've been running two of them for the last 7 years on condition and in 7 years, I think we spent less on both of them than one Arriel overhaul.

The FX1 (LTS 600 A3A) converts any Astar airframe (must be converted to BA if not done already) to give you the same gross weights as a B2 (minus 300 lbs external).

The FX2 is the same mod but with an LTS 101 700 series engine and you get the same gross weights as a B2 but with lower empty weight, much better fuel economy and (hopefully) no more electrical snags.

Both these engines (I'm told) easily outperform the Arriel 1D1 at altitude.

The LTS 101 engine is not in production however and it is getting harder to get.


Service and support from Heli-linx has been fantastic so far.


Now if we could only get parts from Eurocopter........ What a wonderfull world it would be.

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