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M1 And M2 Licenses? What Is The Difference?


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More confusing crap from CARs









The M1 and M2 ratings are dependent upon the aircraft type certification basis and propulsion system. The scope of maintenance release privileges includes all specialized and non-specialized work and can be assessed generically as follows:





- Aircraft built to CAR 522, 523, 523-VLA, 527, 549, and equivalent standards, but excluding turbojet aircraft.


- Includes gliders, small piston powered, and small turboprop aircraft.



All aircraft (excluding balloons) not included in M1, which include (but is not limited to), aircraft built to CAR 525, 529, and equivalent standards.

Includes all turbojet aircraft.

As a general reference the following table can be used when assessing aircraft and equivalent standards. This table is not exhaustive and was developed primarily for older aircraft, where the certification basis may be difficult to identify.


Aircraft Type/Model Basis of Certification AME Rating

Aerospatiale ATR-42 FAR 25 M2

ATR-72 FAR 25 M2

Nord 262 FAR 25 M2

Boeing H44 Vertol Piston CAR 6 M1

Bombardier CL 215/415 FAR 25 M2

CL 44 CAR 4b M2

British Aerospace Argosy AW650







Jetstream 4100/4112 FAR 25 M2

Conair CS2F Tracker CAR 511 M2

Firecat CAR 511 M2

Turbo Firecat CAR 511 M2

Convair 240 CAR 4b M2

340/440 CAR 4b M2

580/640 CAR 4b M2

Curtiss C 46 CAR 3 M2

DeHavilland DHC-4 CAR 4b M2

DHC-5 CAR 4b M2

DHC-6 CAR 3 M1

DHC-7 FAR 25 M2

DHC-8 FAR 25 M2

Douglas DC-3 Aero Bulletin 7A M2

DC-3 (Super) CAR 4b M2

DC-4 CAR 4b M2

DC-6 CAR 4b M2

Embraer EMB 110 FAR 23 M1

EMB 120 FAR 25 M2

Fokker F27 CAR 4b M2

Grumman GI CAR 4b M2

Lockheed Electra CAR 4b M2

L1649 CAR 4b M2

C-130 FAR 21 M2

Mitsubishi MU2 CAR 3 M1

Nihon YS11 CAR 4b M2

SAAB 340 FAR 25 M2

Sikorsky S55 Piston CAR 6 M1

S58 Piston CAR 6 M1

Vickers Viscount BCAR M2

Vanguard BCAR M2








CARs STD 566.03(8)(B) permits holders of either an M1 or M2 rated AME licence to sign a maintenance release for certain aircraft types without holding a rating appropriate to the aeronautical product being maintained. This will enable either M1 or M2 rated AME licence holders to sign maintenance releases in respect of the maintenance of turbine-powered helicopters and SFAR 41C aeroplanes, including their associated Commuter Category variants and derivatives.


This applies to all holders of Canadian AME licences endorsed with either an M1 or M2 aircraft rating when signing maintenance releases for the following aircraft:


Aircraft Type/Model Basis of Certification AME Rating

All Turbine-Powered Helicopters Various M1 or M2

Beechcraft 300 SFAR 41C M1 or M2

B300/B300C FAR 23 M1 or M2

1900/1900C SFAR 41C M1 or M2

1900D FAR 23 M1 or M2

British Aerospace

Jetstream Series 3100 Model 3112 FAR 23/SFAR 41C M1 or M2

Jetstream Series 3200 Model 3212 AWM 523 M1 or M2

Dornier 228-201/202 SFAR 41C M1 or M2

Fairchild SA 227 AC/AT

SA 227 CC/DC


CAR 523

M1 or M2

M1 or M2

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