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What's In A Name

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Aerospatiale had been naming their helicopters with animal names for years.......Lama, Puma, Allouette for many years before the Squirrel/Ecrururielruriel (sp?).


The A-star seemed to be a popular name in North America. The two-engined version was named the Twin-star, so it only fits the French would call theirs the Twin-Squirrel........(or Ecrururielruriel Deuxiemmemmmeme for short) (pardon my French!!).


Even Bell had been naming helicopters for a long time. Back in the early '40s, one of the prototype 47s was named Genevieve by test pilots and designers.


In the Korean war, the US Army referred to the 47 as a Sioux.


Later, Bell marketed their canopied 47J as a Ranger.


Eventually we got to see the their new turbine helicopter........the ubiquitous Jet Ranger.


You get the drift by now.........this eventually led to the Twin Ranger.


Also there was the Huey, Super Huey and Twin Huey.


This explains why Bell hasn't released a new helicopter for many years.......they can't think up an original name.....they just keep altering an older version!!!

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