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I think it's all relative, and depends on the person. Owning brand name tools dosen't make an engineer 'professional'. Their attitude and work ethic defines their professionalism. I've seen guys with all Snap-On gear that were disorganized and dirty. I've also seen guys with cheap a$$ tools that were extremely competent and professional.


I buy tools purely for their functionality. If it works/fits, is reliable and dosen't break, it's good enough for me. Some things only Snap-On sells. Others only available through MAC. The odd time, Canadian Tire is the only one who has it. But I'm not going to pay $30 for a brand name wrench that is of the exact same quality as the $5 one. I will however, pay $50 for a good set of duckbills, rather than cheaping out on the $20 low quality version.


I will agree, every person makes their own grave when it comes to how professional you look, but the nice well kept tools are a bonus.


as for wrenches I went through 2 13mm and 4 6mm cdn tire wrenches (professional series) before I decided to buy the good stuff and I have not had a problem since.

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