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Astar Or 407

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I've wrenched on both, but only flown the 407. I grew up in the 206 world so for me transitioning to the 407 was a natural progression as a pilot. The certainly have their maintenance quirks...and some things seem a bit tedious, but boys...job security no? For me I think the 407 is an all around well designed ship, and an unreal performer.


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My experience is unless the machine was just strobed to be as smooth as glass to start with  you'll only notice a very very slight light vibration. A machine that was just strobed to just under the specs or just came off a job tugging around drills you won't notice anything and your probably better off taking it off and loosing the little bit of weight. A clean VIP machine that just hauls pax  I'd leave it on and get a engineer thats good a strobing on it and it be just like sitting in your living room.  Just my two cents. 

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