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there is a software company in Calgary that developed this type of program during the Dot Comm era. Their first major client was Mercedes and from there as they say, the rest is history. Unlike all the other Dot Comms they are still in business and have made a gazillion dollars over the past 10 years. The guy who owns the Calgay Stampeders is the owner of the company and from what I was told, he made $170million one year alone. :shock:

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Good call.


Just took another look - I didn't realize that you could move the virtual camera up and down too...haven't seen a camera that'll do that right out of the box. Doesn't look like the camera was mounted on the arm - you can look up at the arm and all the way down too....the mystery continues.......


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and there is 4 blades on one side of the ship, the blade shadows dont match. They probable took another shot with the ship on the ground then photoshopped them together to remove the camera mounts. My opinion of course, but very nicely done.

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