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Helicopter Schools


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I think Twinstar is short on coffee today ;) Don't go putting too much stock into the idea that you might get a job straight out of school. It does happen but it's rare. What those company schools are saying is that when they hire lowtime pilots, they prefer to or only hire those that have trained with them. Just a little incentive for people to train with them. As Twinstar said, look around and ask them some questions. See how you feel.

As for my opionion on the Alberta schools, I skipped that province.

If you aren't limited to location, I'd have to say try the Abbotsford area. You'll get your training done in the mountains. That's about the best "bang for your buck" as you're going to get. You're buying your career, not a car.





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no shortage of caffiene here, vast.. you and i are saying the same thing...if you trust that your school will hire/has the capability to hire you right out of training, you are sadly mistaken!!!


do your homework is all i'm saying... no expecations, no surprises!!! ;)


The possibility is there....at the right school.

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