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Delta Helicopters

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Guest bag swinnger

Slap shot you gotta be kidding right! am I right!


204b you earned my deepest respect as a proffesional, when I was fortunate enough to ride cojo with you on a flight out of high levell two years ago. You put that 204 into a hole that I would of had a hard time putting a 206 into. I still cant believe that there was'nt any bark flying!

And I recall there was a total of ten souls on board, hmmm what a difference of more than ten thousand hours makes!

As for the 44's it seems hard to find some one thats willing, (with greater than the 1500hrs thats reqiured by the customers) to fill a 44 position.

This is a cyclical buissness and to the mighty Alberta forestry, the Astar is the preferred choice over the smaller machines, wich refers to the supply and demand part of the buissness.

If you go by the numbers alone, I believe delta probably has one of the highest average of hours per pilot than most companies in the country, that alone tells us something.

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Sounds to me like SlapShot needs to wear a helmet a little more often!!!


But, I digress. 204B Dude, you are da man, full stop. Maybe someday I'll learn 10% of what you've forgotten, although these days, I tend to forget a lot quickly (not sure if I should see a doctor about that!!) :P


If I've learned one thing over the years, it's to listen to the folks who've been there already. In fact, I seem to remember Mr. 204B offering me a few insights into how not to kill myself quickly in the hills. Ooo mama, that's startin to be a little while ago eh???


As far as our boy SlapShot is concerned, uh, gee, how can I put this in terms you'll understand. Oh yeah, if you should get the chance to offer more clever commentary to 204B Dude face to face, make sure you do it with some distance between the two of you, cuz if those mitts of his should happen to get hold of you................................................


Fly safe boyz and girlz. :blink:

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OK, Slapshot is an idiot, I'll give you that.


But I reread the thread and 204B's comment and I'm stuck. I hadn't seen 'anything' negative written, just questions and some 'my machine is better than yours' type banter.


On the subject of the 44, yes it is unfortunate that no-one wants to fly them. I loved them myself, smooth, fast, just fly it within limits. From what I've seen the problem is that pay is marked by size of aircraft and the poor guys need the turbine time to qualify for something else they want to do in their career. The profit margin on them was great and they definitely have a niche to fill.


That being said, Delta can choose to fly whatever machine they want, don't get me wrong. Everybody fly safe, a lot of downed helicopters in the news this week.

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hey decudude!!! great picture amigo............


you young guns listen up when guys like 204b are talking.........


well except when the weather is bad and he's had 3 double doubles and 4 boston cremes........all that sugar and caffiene winds him up!!!!!!!! :D:D:D


so all i gotta say is stop gettin' 204 all riled up...it ain't good........


204b...order up some sun and let's get on our bikes and ride :up: :up:



what were we talking about again??? oh ya, 44's...............


what was the question....................? :P:P:P

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Yo, 412Bro!!!


Glad you like the piccie, shades of yesterday eh??? So like, when we gonna do that sort of thing again???


And let's not even get into the Boston Cremes and coffee, I'm still a wee bit sensitive on that subject!!! :angry:


Oh, and by the way, what's a 44?????????????????? :P

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