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Fenestron Question


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I doubt many helicopters mix well with water. I also assume that NOTAR technology would not be susceptible to loosing it's 'Anti-torque effectiveness' due to similar conditions that the Bells suffer from.


I guess to rephrase and try an eliminate any question as to what I am asking...


Does anyone know if Fenestrons lose their ability to produce thrust due to interference from MR tip vorticies or 'fenestron VRS' as in "uncommanded left yaw' due to air re-circulating through the fenestron.


I personally would think that the size of the shroud surrounding the fenestron would eliminate the ability for a lot of the thrust to re-circulate thus eliminating the problem.


I'm not talking about a lack of power either.. That would be more like Fenestron settling avec insufficient power.


Let's say - An EC120, low altitude, low AUW.


Constructive comments?


Happy New Year YFF's

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