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Car Seats In An A-star

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I have a pretty good car seat which my little one is about ready to grow out of. I was thinking of donating to our organization for use in our A-Stars given the seatbelts work the same as in vehicles. Tried to do a little research but didn't come up with anything definitive as far as CAR's was concerned. Will be making phone calls to Transport soon but in the meantime any constructive input as far as regulations, experiences, liability etc etc would be greatly appreciated.




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As requested:


AWM Chapter 537 - Airworthiness Standards Appliances

537.203 - Child Restraint System

537.203 is eventually going to be replaced with an updated list of acceptable standards in Chapter 551, including devices meeting TSO-C100b. The content of that standard can be reviewed at the following NPA link:

NPA 2003-009 AWM Chapter 551, Section 501 (New Section) Child Restraint Systems


Subpart 605 - Aircraft Requirements

605.28 - Child Restraint Systems


Advisory Circular

AC 605-003 - Child Restraint Systems


Basically, if the child restraint is properly marked and labeled as meeting CMVSS 213, CMVSS 213.1 or FMVSS 213 and hasn't reached its expiry date, it is acceptable for use on board Canadian aircraft.


Transport Canada Cabin Safety Standards

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