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Aviation Prints

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Hello all,


Any of you with any links or address's to sites or stores that deal in Aviation related pictures, more specifically "prints". Limitied editioned or numbered prints would be preferred.



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There is a fellow in Hinton Alberta that paints his own prints and sells them. I have one of his limited edition prints ( 1 of 250 ). I think his name is Bob Hokner. He use to work at the Forestry School there. I have seen his work in many different hangers. Maybe someone else has some info on him. I will try and find a contact for you.

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The BCTV news reported that BC was up by 65% in fires to date, (200+ fires already in BC).

We have some 212's on contract to various Forestry Agencies already (AB and "others" I shouldn't name).

Here in the rockpile, it isn't looking like fires though...actually, a lot more like winter :blink:




This Picture wasn't taken this week...but it could have been !!

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