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Pilots And Food Stamps

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An interesting video commenting on pay vs. safety. Maybe not as applicable to the helicopter operations however, interesting none the less. It is Michael Moore... but backed up by the now famous Sully Sullenburger in his address to US Congress.


Luckily I'm working now and getting paid well for what I do but am sure some 'unique' first job stories might present themselves after watching this.


I hitch hiked to my first seasonal flying job... and a few check rides after that :D


Safe flying! Great job to those covering the Olypics from the air... been seeing some nice video!





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I see companies taking resumes..well here goes....experienced pilot looking for work with no time off,no respect,nothing for pay,living in sh$t hole camps.......once had a client that wanted me to stay till the end of job ,even though was scheduled for time off...he said stick around and make some money.....my comment was,you know what pilots make...not much....he said ..but you guys like what you do...Wonder what the companies will be paying this season.......even taxi drivers get tips...have you ever......resume on its way...10yrs experience with over 5500hrs time...

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I was lower than trailer trash when I got my first job with Northern Mountain, I lived in a tent and shared a camp site with 3 other 100hr guys all living in tents.

However, we were still way better off than many of the new fixed wing guys starting out that I've seen over the years. Many do work two jobs.

I'm glad this has become an issue and now in the spotlight.




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For all Micheal more is he does get at the truth! I don't believe the heli industry is much better here in Canada and most certainly the management does do the carrot and stick routine whenever possible. Management knows that the Pilot or pilot wanna be wants to fly and uses this at every corner to let the pilot know that they the management are doing us a great service by providing the priveledge to fly the helicopter or airplane. But it is what it is! I guess that means there are "no guarantees" :rolleyes:


I always keep reminding myself its not a career really! Most guys I know with 20 years in don't have a pot to piss in! There are of course those shining stars that do very well and I guess this gives the industry hope. Its a life style! and the best advice I could give anyone is have a secondary job!



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