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Go For The Experienced Instructor...?


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With so many helicopter flight training schools in Canada and more opening every few months it can be difficult for the wanna-be helicopter pilot to decide where to spend his/her $ 40- $ 50 thousand and get the best training..!

With the various helicopter schools offering so many different " advantages" to train with them such as...top facilities,best training aircraft,most variety of helicopter,best area to train in,"TOPS" in job placement,charter division,accreditation etc,etc,etc.........the final decision should depend on the experience/hours of the instructor...........RIGHT.....???? :huh:



Lets' hear from the hightimers on this site...RDM,CTD,412 DRIVER....etc....and any and all instructors....!!!!



Thanks in advance,


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I don't think it really matters, as long as you receive the service you paid for. You will not be an "ace" when you leave the school regardless of who trained you. You will meet the Transport Canada minimums, but that's it. Sometimes you don't want to show the student how things are done in real life, as they will do this on their own next time they go solo!


High or low time instructor? Obviously the higher time instructor have more experience, but maybe the lower time instructor has more experience instructing.


All difficult question.


I'd go to the place where I'd get some personal attention, and be treated like a customer (Which you are when you pay that amount of money!!).


In the end, you'll just meet TC requirements.

Some companies will only hire you if you trained with them, while others won't it's all a hard desicion.


The ball is rolling ;)

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hi canrotor,


winnie is right, you will meet the MOT standard regardless. i have to lean towards searching out experience. bottom line is it needs to feel right to YOU!!


feel free to check us out: www.bchelicopters.com


good luck,



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A experienced pilot turned instructor is definetly a advantage, but Winnie is correct in some of his statements also.



Having been on pretty well all sides of the fence I think the biggest asset any one in this business could have is a positive and proffesional atitude toward what one is doing, wether that be flying tours around the falls, ripping trees of steep slopes or teaching a student to do a proper clearing turn.....it is all in the atitude of the individual. And as a instructor it is very important that your positive atitude is displayed every single day to the student......experience is very important, but a experienced instructor with a so so atitude toward what he or she is doing will be out done everyday by the young eager guy full of piss and vinegar.


Just my thoughts.....


Winnie.....how are ya mate. Things going well for you?


Here is what we are dealing with today offshore....normal summer day in the North Atlantic


METAR WXGB 271000Z 36011KT 0NM FG VV002 12/12 A3007 RMK FG8 SLP183=

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As my student said in remarks to FG8: "That's a lot of fog!"


We're doing fine here, just missing out on all the fun in Gander I suppose. Miss the life at Legends on 'Karaoke' nights...


Chess' and all the other good stuff out there.


Mary Brown's don't even taste right here...


Send me your adress, and I'll get you that Bottle of Old Sam!



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