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Gulf Helicopters

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You and Duece Bigalo dipped your toes in the water just after I left, and from what I heard things had gotten even worse. :o


My most " memorable " day was when I ended up with 5 different 412,s for 4 flights, things kept breaking and nobody left with any experience to fix them.


I guess that,s what happens when you promote people because of where they were born, and not because of their experience and knowlegde. :stupid:


As confuscus said, may you live in interesting times, and they certainly were!


I wonder how relevant our input is since quite a bit of time has passed. I worked there in 04/05.


for the most part it was OK. Moral was suffering because the pay relevant to western money had gone down a lot in the past 12 months. The Aussies were hit the worst but it was bad for Canadians too.


I did two tours in Doha to get up to speed on the 412 and then off to Kish Iran which was not a bad gig at all. Nice place really unless you are looking for booze and hookers as in the Islamic Republic of Iran there is little of either. We used to refer to it as the land that fun forgot but as I said it was OK. Nice beaches and good accommodation. Oh and great guys to work with.


I would go back to Kish but not Sudan and definitely not Nigeria.


My friends still working in the area tell me that Falcon is the company of choice these days.


My advice is give it a try and leave your preconceptions about the middle east at home. It's a very different place than the news portrays.


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Yeah, bicycle mechanics! :o:D:rolleyes:


Abu Dhabi - a LOT better than Gulf - at least the door between engineers and pilots is not firmly locked. They should have the new accommodation ready by now. Abu Dhabi is also a lot nicer as a city. It's more mature than Dubai.



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