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206 Engine Question

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I thought bleed valve myself when I first heard about it, someone else here thought wrong flame pattern since they have tried loads of things here. Thanks for the input, guys - I will put your suggestions before the engineers and let you know what happens - don't like flying with that sort of stuff!


Beltdrive - I'm now boss of 2 jetboxes and 2 Twinstars, looking after powerlines - no passengers!



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Ahhh...back in the "motherland", I'm going to start calling you Gypsy :blink:


Summer was good...extremly busy for all involved setting up the new company etc.


Two spray contracts, two machines, made it back all in one piece :up: . Can't say the same for the groundcrew and gear... :shock: :blink::huh:


Oops!...Hi-Jacked the thread again :hide:

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