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Government Air Ops

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Just to add to the mix of rumour and speculation. At Portage we are keenly waiting on the announcement of our new contract which may or may not include refitted Air Force Griffons.


As many of you know, there are around 18 to 24 surplus Griffons, machines sit in hangars and simply do not fly. Anyone who has witnessed the transfer back and forth of Challenger jets around capital hill would not be surprised at all to see a former DND CH146 Griffon buzzing around Prescott or Parry Sound in white and red livery.


Do the Liberal government math on that possibility and you can come up with your own conclusion. Extra airframes sitting around, a flight simulator near Fredericton.............uhmmm...........


One thing for sure, if the Coasties start driving 412s around, their dispatch rate will undoubtedly be higher. :D

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