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An Observation


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I have (un)fortunately been off the computer&I-net for about 3 mos. now and I'm just now trying to get caught up on my e-mails and general I-net stuff.So now I'm looking @ what Caaviation has been up to,and I see that everything is running smoothly,as there is still talk of union/assoc.,lost "brothers",and a healthy dose of backstabbing,slurs,heroics,etc.etc.

At one time,the only way we had interaction with each other was either when we met on a job together,or in a bar with 1/2 doz.other co.s,and if any B.S. was to be flung it was dealt with on a very base level. Some of the best personal friendships were forged in both situations.

I miss "the good old days".

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CEP, nice to see you back again, luckily you missed some very unpleasant posts here a while ago. They have since been deleted.

Some of us are trying to make this place as fun, pleasant and comfortable as a bar in the far north.

One of the participants keeps trying to drag this website down to his own personal low level.

Despite warnings, he just changes his name, but not his behaviour. He's easy to spot. Ignore him.


I may well have enjoyed a cold beverage with you in the past, if not, I look forward to buying you and Shaggy a beer someday.......I can just imagine the scene.......

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Welcome back CEP. Yes this forum has lost its professional edge in some respects, but as Mr. Monkey says, don't play to the lowest common denominator. I myself slipped a little and got in a wee banter, slinging mud and such, and, as Mr. Monkey, would much prefer to see this forum as it used to be.


Party on.


ps If there is to be any "buying of beer" going on I would love to be involved.

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