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"The Bell 206 Book" By Phil Croucher?


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My 206 book got here last week - haven't really put it down since. I haven't started any training yet (still have a couple weeks left of being an avalanche tech), so I can't speak to how it applies to the "real world".


That said, I think it's a pretty powerful tool for gaining a deeper understanding of the flight manual and the machines - a lot of the stuff in the flight manuals makes more sense to me now :D. Also, there seems to be lots of good stuff that's NOT in the manual, too.


In a nutshell: I'm more than happy with my purchase. Highly recommended! :up:


- Darren

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Good Day to all!


Phil Juste a little suggestion!


I made it standard in size to the the rest of bell 206 transition book and student book in fact i go to a local publisher shop and made it cut 3/8­INCH at the top and 3/8INCH a the bottom!


better fit in my flight bag.


like it very mutch!



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Maybe somehow make them available for iBooks? just a thought. If people are using iPads more and more for electronic flight bags.......


iBooks read PDF files quite well.

PDF is probably a better solution as it is easier read on multiple platforms.



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