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Atpl Exams


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Trying to find out what subject matters the HARON & HAMRA are on.

Transport shows this:


Air Regulations and Air Traffic Procedures, Helicopter Operations and Navigation General - HARON


Meteorology, Radio Aids to Navigation and Flight Planning - HAMRA


but in the syllabus to study for the ATPL-H it also lists:

-airframes, engines and aircraft systems


-theory of flight

-human factors


but it doesn't say which exam those are applicable too.


I am ready to write HAMRA but want to make sure I dont get any surprises on the exam.

Anyone know the answer?



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Not answering the question sorry, but in regards to the ATPL exams, because they are good for 2 years if you were to not fulfill the requirements for the ATPL license do you simply need to rewrite the exams?


Simply stated: YES!


All you needs to do is rewrite the exam every 2 years to keep it up to snuff.




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Last question, how does TC limit who can and cannot write the exams? Do you show them your logbook in advance?



I don't think you have to show your logbook to write the ATPL exam's but you do need 50% of the experience to write the exams and are required to sign a legal declaration that you have the experience to write the exams.

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