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Ipads In The Cockpit

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If you buy a bad elf that just plugs into the ipad,iphone or ipod you have GPS with no data charges. Kind of handy since most places I go never find cell service.


You do not have to subscribe to a 3G plan to use the GPS in the 3G model. No data charges.

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The Bad Elf accessory makes the GPS work a little better in the 3G model and adds a GPS function to non-3G (wifi only)models which don't have a built-in GPS.


The Bad Elf connects right into the ipad so if you want to place it in a spot with a clear view of the sky, you have to place the whole ipad there as well, or use an extension cable. There are GPS accessories that are wireless so you can place the unit somewhere with a view of the sky and the ipad somewhere else, ie on your lap or a mount somewhere closer to the pilot. Here ia an example of a wireless one: http://xgps150.dualav.com/

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