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Helicopter Training

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Hi Everyone, new here.


Thinking about taking some rotary wing training, but have a couple of questions. Thanks in advance


What educational requirements are regulated? I see most of the flight schools only require grade 12 (don't see that in CARS though). I have post secondary but was wondering about it as I know a guy who is a pilot and completed only grade 8.



When taking the basic into commercial training, what kind of instrument time is involved. I understand 10 hours, is this correct? If so, how involved is it? I'm thinking just familiarization and not any actual introduction to IFR (which I would eventually like to take).


Any tips from the experts?

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Hi leadsled,


I'm no expert, but I did go through flight school not long ago, so I can share my experience and observations:


There aren't any educational prerequisites. That said, you'll find it useful to be sharp on arithmetic and basic algebra, and having a good solid understanding of physics will help make flight theory come easier. Same goes for meteorology.



I have only my Grade 12 (and had been out of school for a LONG time!) and I did fine on all the classroom and written exam stuff - but I really really worked at it. There's no coasting through it! I did have a really strong background in meteorology thanks to my 'other' job, and that helped a lot.


As for the instrument stuff - if I recall correctly the curriculum calls for 10 hours of instrument training, but 5 of it can be done in a simulator (my sim time was in a Fly-It simulator, which was pretty cool). The other 5 is in the air.


When you're researching, make sure you also chat with other pilots, learn about job prospects, and the industry in general. Visit potential flight schools to get a feel for the instructors and the operation. If you do decide to go to flight school, see if you can get the textbooks early and start studying ASAP.


Flight school was one of the harder things I've ever done, but it's a cakewalk compared to starting out in the industry! biggrin.gif


Best of luck,



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Well, maybe algebra's the wrong word? Some of the weight and balance calculations have a "solve for X" feel that I kinda equated with algebra.




- D.

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Hi leadsled - like Daz says, basic arithmetic, including moving stuff round formulas, but mental arithmetic woud be a real plus, stuff like how many hours can you stay up if you have 50 gallons being used at 6 gallons per hour.


The big subject that will help you with flight theory and meteorology is physics, but only certain aspects. Taken individually, the subjects aren't hard - the problem is they are best studied all at once - it's the volume of information that is the problem, and when you graduate on to modern glass cockpits, you will find the ability to handle a lot of it useful.


Good luck!



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I think one of the most important things to consider is how you will find that first job after you get done your school. So when choosing a school make sure you ask the right questions on job placement afterwards. Some company's ( vary few ) hire there own students. As far as education..... I would not worry, with the right instructor anyone can do it. For the IFR thing, just my two cents worth is to build some pic time first and after a few years start working on it. Good luck with the training!

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