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Grounding Drums

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Only problem is that you cannot visually tell the integrity of the cable, had a base manager freak out at me once when I explained that I had installed an external cable, "THE CABLE IS INSIDE, CHECK IT WITH A METER" it had been the first thing I did,,,,goof. But we have one on our trailer hose and seems to be fine. Check it for continuity periodically and it should be ok, don't really know how reliable the cable is. You must make sure there is a bonding cable from the nozzle to the aircraft though, no matter where the other cable is. On the small drum set up I tend to like the cable tie wrapped to hose, and those recoiling cable reels can make you lose your mind once in awhile. As long as it is all bonded is rather a personal/company preference the where and how it gets done.

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