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Longline Lengths

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Depends on the emergency i suppose, on fire, flight control issues etc. might be kinda happy you were 50 feet closer to the ground.

I kinda like 70ish for a drill....unless you need the obstacle clearance...lets you see what is going on down there a bit better. Never flown a n Astar but the shorter lines are maybe less of an issue with the Bells for sight picture and visibility. Your right though sir down wash is greater. sounds like the shorter lines maybe not so good with the Astar and a longer one may be more suited to that particular machine. Couple of the guys here on the 407 use a steel 70 footer non electric as their weapon of choice.... no covers etc. doesnt hang back in the wind....i think theres a lot of personal preference.

Two cents worth!


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Working in the arctic with an Astar I like to use an 80 footer steel without electric hook. A spare 100' or so would always be nearby for the non windy days.

I agree the shorter line is harder to see as it stays far behind the chopper, especially with the wind but the wind will also take the downwash away from the site. I find shorter line better for visual references with the ground, as sometimes the desolate aspect of the arctic can cause reference problems. I use the 100-130' on non windy days both to reduce the downwash on site and to better be able to see it on approaches.

Using steel lines as opposed to synthetic is a bummer when you need to coil it a few times a day but is SO much easier to fly in the wind.


Just my 2 cents from personal experience...

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I grap a good 100ft'er at the beginning of the season and it stays with me. Doesn't take long to coil up if you do it properly. Bit of a heavy b*****d though. Even if I could get away with a shorter line on some jobs, I stick with the 100ft for continuity re sight picture, depth perception etc.

I agree, those small VR windows are a pain in the neck!!! I'm 6ft and it seems like I have to stuff my head as far forward as the pedals to see the load if it's blowing a bit.

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T-Rex...Come-on...my glasses aren't that thick yet! I remember when you taught me seismic and put me on bags for the very first time........ now, I can claim the title of "Slowest Bag Runner in South America!"


You must be proud of me

You taught me well!! :lol:


Another valid point of why not to use a 70 footer,


-you could never catch a three toed sloth with a 70 footer.


take care buddy.

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