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Carry-On Baggage Requirements

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Under CARs 602.86, Can a passenger carry a purse on their lap in a 702/703 helicopter flight in Canada?


Carry-on Baggage, Equipment and Cargo


602.86 (1) No person shall operate an aircraft with carry-on baggage, equipment or cargo on board, unless the carry-on baggage, equipment and cargo are


(a) stowed in a bin, compartment, rack or other location that is certified in accordance with the aircraft type certificate in respect of the stowage of carry-on baggage, equipment or cargo; or


(B) restrained so as to prevent them from shifting during movement of the aircraft on the surface and during take-off, landing and in-flight turbulence.


(2) No person shall operate an aircraft with carry-on baggage, equipment or cargo on board unless


(a) the safety equipment, the normal and emergency exits that are accessible to passengers and the aisles between the flight deck and a passenger compartment are not wholly or partially blocked by carry-on baggage, equipment or cargo;


(B) all of the equipment and cargo that are stowed in a passenger compartment are packaged or covered to avoid possible injury to persons on board;


© where the aircraft is type-certificated to carry 10 or more passengers and passengers are carried on board,


(i) no passenger's view of any "seat belt" sign, "no smoking" sign or exit sign is obscured by carry-on baggage, equipment or cargo except if an auxiliary sign is visible to the passenger or another means of notification of the passenger is available,


(ii) all of the passenger service carts and trolleys are securely restrained during movement of the aircraft on the surface, take-off and landing, and during in-flight turbulence where the pilot-in-command or in-charge flight attendant has directed that the cabin be secured pursuant to subsection 605.25(3) or (4), and


(iii) all of the video monitors that are suspended from the ceiling of the aircraft and extend into an aisle are stowed and securely restrained during take-off and landing; and


(d) all of the cargo that is stowed in a compartment to which crew members have access is stowed in such a manner as to allow a crew member to effectively reach all parts of the compartment with a hand-held fire extinguisher.

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IMHO - Section 6 is for the general stuff, as modified elsewhere. 7 is more specific, covering Foreign, Aerial Work, Air Taxi, Commuter and Airline (Private Operators are in Part VI), so unless it is specifically mentioned in 7, I would say yes, purses can be carried in the lap.


What prompts the question? Maybe one should ask if a purse is included in the definition of carry-on baggage? I wouldn't have said so in the normal scheme of things.



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What prompts the question? A Transport Canada cabin safety department have advised that a purse must be carried in Cargo compartment. This was first discussed when she ramp checked one of our pilots in Moosonee. She asked to watch his passenger briefing; when he loaded a passenger in the cabin with a purse she advised it had to go into the baggage.


Her colleagues and supervisors have validated he belief over the phone and in writing. I have been asking for further clarification but they refuse to respond.

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By the way this is the same inspector and ramp check that determined the pilot had to shut down between 3 minute flights to conduct passenger briefings. At the time we were using trained ground crew to conduct briefings (which apparently isn't in compliance). This ramp check spawned a new exemption recently...you and I discussed this issue in the past Phil.

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