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Alaskan Adventure

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The trip was great, although we didn't get in to Alaska as far as we would have liked because of the weather there. We did an over night in Burns Lake. Norm from Westland Helicopters was hospitable in letting us park for the night. Bell 2 was a fuel stop both in and out of Dease Lake. We had a snack there both times as well. The folks in Dease Lake were great. We parked at Pacific Western Helicopters for two nights. They treated us well. Some great Rainbow Trout fishing in Buckley Lake. Heading straight across to Skagway was the plan, but the low overcast had us heading south at this point. Maybe we could have made it, but at this stage of life, I'm getting too old to be a thrill seeker. We decided to head south, doing some more fishing near Kitimat. Andy (White River Helicopters) in Terrace was a great help in finding us some fishing holes, and steering us in to some great scenery. It was great meeting some of you via phone or email, and I really hope that if some of you are ever coming through Calgary I can return the favour.



I found your journey on a site called CADORS, they have most of your stops listed.



This statement peaked my interest. I never checked this CADORS site out before, so I did the search thing with my registration (go ahead and try it for yourself, it's GMBC, or better yet, here's the link:




It says that I landed unannounced in Williams Lake and Kamloops. It states that in WL, I did not call, in on 122.2 (????). All my info says it's 122.3. I did call in, and although it didn't really surprise me that I didn't get a response, I did follow normal procedure while landing. While on the ground, I did talk to the two fixed wing guys on the ground when I refuelled, and never wreaked any havoc on them while departing.


Kamloops, well I did announce myself on unicom. A bit strange that two airports in a row I have radio trouble (or appear to have). No, I didn't wait or look for flashing green of red lights, but I landed without crossing any runways. On cool down, I tried clearance Delivery as well, no answer. The next morning, same radio's, never changed frequencies, they are responding and I chatted with them until I cleared the zone to the east. After I shut down, some older fellow was on the ramp taking registration marks down on aircraft parking over night. I asked if anyone was 'manning' the radio. He said that maybe they took a washroom break. I didn't give it much thought, maybe I should have done it differently-maybe called on the phone.....I dunno. Rest assured, I followed (what I think) was good airmanship. Anyhow, fligwinger, thanks for pointing out the error of my ways on "most of my stops". I could show you my fuel receipts that tell me I had many more stops, but I'm not looking to sling any mud here. Sending a private note to point out a fellow aviators mistakes would have been my choice if I were in your shoes, but that's just my way of handling things. I'll deal with TC when they call.


To all who helped me out via this thread, thanks. It was a great trip. I hope to do it again sooner than later. Please look me up if you are traveling through.


Matt Haasen

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I admit and agree my comment was totally douchy and uncalled for. I apologize. I went back to edit after I posted but was past the time limit. Radio problems happen to the best of us, I'm bound to have one now as karma will make it's way around.

If I can make a suggestion, use the vnc or flight sup for mandatory frequencies, the confusion usually comes from GPS databases I've found them to be improperly labelled on some occasions, especially when there are multiple labelled Radio.

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If I were you, I'd immediately call those airports and ask for the tapes. They tape all communications on the airport frequencies. I've had a couple CADORS before (like in High Level) that were cleared when I asked for the tapes when I knew I had made the proper calls. Mysteriously the tapes were always "inadvertantly erased" or "unavailable for the incident times"...


That Kamloops would not respond surprises me greatly. Pretty busy airport...

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Hi Bluethunder,


Too bad I only read this post now. I just finished my 6th trip up into Alaska. I usually cross in bc but sometimes the Yukon weather depending. I've taken firearms across the whole bit. I've ferried helicopters to Nome and Dutch Harbor. I love Alaska. The rest of the world could take lessons on how the Alaskans deal with general aviation. If your ever planning on doing it again please give me an email or call. I'd love to share the tricks. I wish I knew them all the first time I went.


Don't worry about the radio screw up. We've all done it,but I'll never admit it.



Sean Smyth

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