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Faa Conversion Knowledge Test.

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What other steps are there other than they knowledge test? Can I do it during a family vacation if I've done all the prep study work before hand?

You will have to apply to the FAA for a license validation. Download a Form 8060-71 from the FAA, fill it out and send it to them. A month or so later they'll send you a validation letter (good for 6 months). Get a class 1 or class 2 FAA medical ( you can find an FAA medical examiner in Canada). Write your CCH exam at your earliest convenience at most any flight school in the U.S. You should also before this set up an appointment at an FSDO office, ideally nearest to where you're writing your exam, where you will process your actual FAA Airmans certificate. Fill out form 8610-2 (they will ask you to do it anyway) They will want to see your validation letter, medical, and written exam results.

You will walk out with a certificate provided you have logged the required flight hours to qualify.

So, to answer your question, yes; but it won't be much of a vacation.

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