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I'll Just Leave This Here : The Way You Get Paid Is Changing

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I have kids to raise and a wife I want to be with. I don't have a problem with my work conditions and my employer is fair so I'm just going to go to the hangar and love my job. Cheers, R Rotor May 2014


I got laid off the second the rain hit the coast after busting my *** all summer and the second I was supposed to collect some salary at home like I was promised, pink slip. I've gone contract. You want my skill - pay up. When you need me call. I'm done with promises. I've seen how that works. If you want a long term job and a pention you're in the wrong industry. Rotor November 2015


Seems maybe that you have changed your tune a little bit in the last couple of years. You have been in the industry for what, 17 years now ...... have you hit 1000 hrs. yet?

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Alpha Dog - forget it. You might as well go and beat your head against a wall as trying to do anything in the industry when you have the likes of Helicopter Jim and Old who could give a rats *** about anything but themselves or 212 wrench with the childish "go do something else" comment. I am at the point where I think the only way to change the industry is to have a mandatory retirement age of say 50 so it can get rid of the old farts that think the industry has progressed fantastically because they no longer have to share a room with the engineer, or spend the entire summer - May to September - in a tent with no time off. By the way, I am one of those old farts, but one that thinks there is more to life than a cyclic and collective.As for the suggestion of HR in the industry partially funded by HAC - you do realize that HAC is a major part of the problem, and are interested in their members (just like a union, Rotor, but a different name)and that does not include anything to further aircrew interests.

  I take a dim view of being accused of not giving a rats aXX. I have actually stuck my neck out a number of times for my fellow workers even to the point of being canned. The difference between me and the never ending debate amongst the pilots who regularly frequent these forums is this; You guys ***** and wine to each other to hear yourselves and get a warm fuzzy feeling from your fellow pilots who agree that you are all getting screwed. The problem is that it is a totally unproductive post and goes absolutely nowhere. If you want change you must quietly sit down with management and discuss your issues in a calm private setting. Grand standing on here will get you nowhere. But I stand by my statement that nobody fails flight school and most pilots would do this job for nothing because its fun, Disagree? go dig ditches or work in a sawmill for a year. Reality check time my friend!
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