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AS 350 Inspection Cycle


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A few years ago, Airbus moved the basic "S" Inspection from 100hrs to 150hrs. However, a handful 'out of phase' items remain at 100hr interval. Turbomeca/Safran had similarly shifted towards a 150hr inspection cycle but more items remain at 100hr interval. Still, the leftover 100hr items for both seem to amount to maybe a couple hours of work, if that. The bulk of the Inspection items are at 150hrs.

Wondering if there's any operators out there that have taken advantage of the new 150hr inspection cycle and made it work for them?

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12 hours ago, GrayHorizons said:

any inspection interval you can increase in time saves you money.


Having a good maintenance schedule altogether will save you time and effort.  In a perfect world you would do your 3rd 100hr check at the same time as the 2nd 150hr check.  

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