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State Of The Canadian Industry - Your View ?

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And some of the sickness prevelant in the industry is observed right here. A big gang of regulars who dominate and refute all other arguments or opinions brought forward for change. Helilog56's attitude, sarcasism and denegration of anothers post is common in what should be the worlds best forum for helicopter discussion and LEARNING. Instead it is just a forum for a gang of 'ol boys **** bent on keeping the industry and future firmly under their control for the betterment of self rather than the rest.


Right On.

I've pretty much given up on this forum amounting to anything constructive.

If the industry / TC keep going the way it has....we're all just racing for the bottom of the barrel.

Lets stop looking at associations/unions/collective bargaining as something out of the coal mines of England and start seeing it as the next healthy progression of a maturing industry.

PS ...haven't been on in a while....but reading the aussie mercenaries postings....looks like ole peashooter was right.

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