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i''m doin'' better and better all the time, RDM.. the reason i don''t look any better is because i haven''t shaved in a long time... still don''t trust this hand with a sharp object close to my neck!!!


had my followup catscan yesterday and no one screamed or tried to keep me at the hosp... and i see the neuro guy on tues aft to get all the results...


i''m using a cane now instead of crutches... makes it easier to catch the babes when they try to run by!!!



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Glad to hear you''re doing better twinstar.  Just got back from Kenora (no internet acces there for me), so this is the first I heard about it.



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thanks, randy... the latest update is that the blood is all gone from the area but i did suffer some permanent injury at the cerbellum... that''s at the back of the brain and controls balance, muscle control, that sort of thing... so now the surrounding tissue is re-learning what was lost and i possibly will be able to go back to work around the 1st part of july... all i''m experiencing now is still some shakiness of the right hand and leg... but getting better all the time!!! if all keeps going as it is, maybe i''ll make bell''s bbq at stampede since they were nice enough to send me an invite!!!


oh yeah, no more crutches or cane!!! yippeee!!!

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