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M.S.S. Re-Entry

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Good Evening Kyle,


I been thinking about ways to ask you to bring this MSS back, even started up a "what''s your thoughts" type of discussion with regards to his return and indirectly,  so that you and the others understand that we enjoy this daily dose of harmless comedy.  Moreover, it is just as much appreciated as more informative topics and doesn''t take away from that level of seriousness .  I cannot imagine the reasons for why this cannot continue.  We all know that eventually, these topics die off, but for most if not all of us, we thrive on this daily intake.  It''s an essential and fundamental part of life, and I feel pretty safe in saying that  my collegues agree with me on this.


In all due respect, I ask that you consider allowing this ficticious character to return.  We all enjoy this site, and we appreciate all you''ve done to allow us to meet, exchange etc... and add to our often humdrum days a touch of comraderie.


Please share your thoughts on this or for the very least enlighten us on the "whys" we cannot have MSS back.  I figure as the admin, you don''t really need to give us any explanation, but,  because we been upfront and honest about our request and opinions, I think it would be very kind if you could do the same.


Wow, I haven''t been sooooo serious in a longtime! Kyle, trust me, I am not above begging!  That''s my next move.


Looking forward to your reply,


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Greetings maxgross!

To make a long story short, I believe it all started in the Attn Canadian Helicopter Dogs Topic where M.S.S. basicaly explains who he is (all in fun of course) but was probably found too believable, offending, offensive, etc.....  I assume Kyle got some negative feedback from certain people who actually took this character either serious, for real or just couldn''t understand this type of humor.  Kyle, seemingly has banned or is not allowing MSS to participate any longer.


Now, us heli types, (and you all know who you are)  thoroughly enjoy and find quite innocent this line of entertainment.  Almost like feeding off each other, we gather ''round and blow off a little daily tension!  In no way whatsoever as I mentioned above, does this take away from our ability to be serious (quiet out there!), and carry normal (I said quiet!!) informative, intelligent, professional exchanges.


I hope that Kyle understands this and allows MSS to join our group (almost like an old folks home now!).


Hope this is comprendable!  Its 3 am, Biggs can''t sleep ...... VERT REF''s gone dry!  How was the game by the way?  Some people get to pretend that they''re couch spuds!  Lucky dogs!


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LIES! You are all liars! Why do you tell such lies!!


I have taken over the forum from the Kyle dog, and am now in control. He tried to run away like the coward lamb that he is, but we captured him. Soon we will roast this lamb. His eyes are full of the tears of defying me, and his clothing is wet with his fear.


First thing I will do is ban this Biggles for begging. No begging here! Beggars!! Go and beg somewhere else!

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MSS is back. I have asked him in his own words to keep to the ''non-important'' threads as tonot to take away from quality discussions. I am always one for humour, and do not mind his posts personally.


That being said, as long as it does not hinder good conversation, we will not attack him with our shoes.

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Could it be any clearer that MSS is Kyle is MSS? He''s become so used to whining dogs that he''s allowed the purveyor of slime and lunacy to perpetuate his drivel. Just be aware that the President'' Prayer Team is alert and vigilant, MSS/Kyle, and we''ll brook no treason or smoking in public!!!

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