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Coolest, Wildest Helmet

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Ha, I just can't resist, but this all sounds like conversations I hear right before the new ski season starts. Everyone is very concerned about the latest ski fashion they're gonna be seen in while on the hill. My question is, do you all ski as good as you look??????? :P


Fire away.........................................

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all right I know there's more helmets out there. let's see them all. the good, the bad, and the ugly :D





Still wearing the old HGU-84 that I got before going seatmeat...still has all the scratches from hooking/unhooking from the belly. No more visor as I hate the shadows in confined areas. I figure it adds character. You should see the look on my customers faces when I tell them I use it for skateboarding!!! It's my first helmet, feels good, just need new paint job...oh yeah and the odd re wire when I forget to unhook when in a hurry to take a leak.



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