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November Heli Conference Banff/whistler


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Also trying to get provincial meets going. Not a whole lot of interest so far unfortunately. Doesn't mean it wouldn't happen, they'll just be smaller gatherings of those willing and/or able to attend. Anyone into coming to the BC gathering should PM or email me when you get a chance. Was thinking late November or early December would be a good time.


The provincial meet thread can be found here



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I think the reluctance to get together for a meet-and-greet stems from a fear that when we met we would see that most of us are not the balding, overweight, cheesy-eating, hairy-backed, sweaty, middle-aged folk we profess to be. Instead we would see a disppointing collection of 19 year old, curious, hormone-driven hardbodies and all future interest in communicating would vanish; thus destroying this website.

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Only had 3 other people from BC contact me saying they're into this idea so far. Gonna give it more time.


Seems helicopter pilots/engineers/students have a deep fear of each other hehe. Maybe many don't like the idea of losing the amonamous nature of the forum.


Oh well, like I said I'll give it more time. PM me if you're interested in joining other pilots, engineers and students from BC for an informal get together to share stories and a few drinks.


Also, someone had said something in the other thread about this that it would be a great place to hand out their resumes. That idea could be keeping many from attending.

We want to keep this an informal meet. Leave the resumes at home, come and get to know the folks and email your resume when you get home. Make business cards instead if you feel the need to leave your info in the hands of those attending.


So all you BC folk, send me those PMs saying when you'd like to see this happen! :up:

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